Makanui Works is a Stockholm based consciousness studio offering bespoke transformational processes for individuals and corporations to become spiritually equipped for modern day challenges.












    Today we face constant stimuli and distraction that creates an great amount of information our system needs to process. The ability to be fully present is becoming increasingly demanding in order to be able to handle constant processing. The ability to be present and let go of what is non essential is becoming more important than ever, both in our private and professional life. For example, the demand for fast and accurate decisions has never been greater, but at the same time the basis for decisions has never been more complex. New demands on leadership and communications simply call for skills that go beyond the intellect.
    Modern life brings new challenges. But new challenges don’t necessarily require new solutions. Consciousness studies have existed throughout human history. Exploring the richness of life with methods we make contemporary use of, backed up by neuroscience research from leading universities, to become more emotionally and spiritually equipped. It is an active process that also requires your effort and collaboration to find and integrate all parts of yourself. At the other end you’ll find deeper love and a more profound sense of meaning. We call it contemporary consciousness studies.



















    Makanui Works offers individual programs as well as events, workshops and leadership intensive courses for groups.

    All engagements will take individual requirements and factors into consideration to create a bespoke process.


    We believe the close proximity to nature is an essential factor along side with focus practices to gain the sufficient amount of inner space in which insight, ideas and creativity can arise.


    Our 6 month long programs start and end with a week long intensive at a remote location in nature.

    In between retreats participants are given a custom designed program to support their development and will work closely with a hand picked executive coach to support their journey.


    We offer a selection of packages for corporations which have five different focus areas:


    · Creativity
    · Leadership
    · Communication
    · Corporate Culture


    Please contact us to inquiry about our custom made programs and detailed information around the content.


    Mail: mp@mandypalacio.com
    Tel: +46 733 700 966



    Coming home


    I believe in the unlimited potential of our future. I believe that the increasing awareness of the challenges in our society is a direct consequence of us becoming more connected as the human race. This requires a higher level of integrity on a personal level and a collective level. And it all starts with you reading this. I believe in you.

    I believe in spiritual competence as a fundamental way to solve the challenges we are facing in the world. I believe that the next steps for future leadership is to develop skills that goes beyond the intellectual mind. The tools of developing spiritual competence through group work and individual sessions develops somatic, intuitive and instinctual awareness and skills.

    I am passionate about helping people develop their spiritual competence and have immersed myself into experiences on all continents within this area in the last decade.

    Makanui Works is a space for people to access more of the intelligences that already exists within them which creates deep transformation on an individual and group level. Together we change culture and society with new, fresh ideas and innovations, collectively creating a new way of being.



    - Mandy Palacio




















    'Powerful like a tsunami, deeply nourishing like a mother'
    -Thomas Hübl, contemporary spiritual teacher, Israel


    'A true joy and rarity to work with someone who exudes so much compassion'
    -Fashion photographer, New York, US


    'Deeply seeing and direct without judgement. I had to become completely honest with myself which help me act with more clarity'
    -PHD student, Columbia University, New York US


    'She brings depth that is unique and rare. I've learned more about myself over the past 6 months than I've done in the last decade. She opens the door and you step into a room of marvel, all inside of yourself'
    -Executive Creative Director, New York, US


    'Mandy highlights linkages I have never seen before. It has completely changed the way I relate to myself and my purpose. Her work is deeply transformational.'
    -Attorney, New York, US


    'My journey wouldn't have been the same without Mandy's deep wisdom and guidance. It has been profound'.
    -Master Certified Coach, London, UK